The Rib of Adam

Ch: 4
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The Rib of Adam

Taeyoung’s always treated girls like crap. But after waking up one day to find a “lady-hole” on his ribcage, he slowly starts to gain a deeper understanding of the female experience. And luckily (or not) his ex-girlfriend is on-hand to speed up the process. Join Lizzy as she drags Taeyoung on a depraved journey of sexual discovery…

Source: Lezhin

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Since there are no reviews on this title, I felt obligated to post my own review. There will be some spoilers in my review, but the 4 chapters of this doesn't really have much to spoil, so be warned. ‼️SPOILERS‼️ Ok-- so, what the fuck did I just read. I'm the type of reader that enjoys femdoms and their assertiveness in relationships with either only one person (Hardcore Vanilla) or many (S Flower (by the same creator), Lady & Maid). I'm not opposed to questionable situations, as long as consent is given for the fantasy/role play BUT this is a different level. I should have taken into account that the multiple warnings on Lezhin were warnings shouldn't be taken lightly. At first, I didn't mind the characters and felt like both sides were validated when Taeyoung decided to end the relationship. Honestly, I find it respectful that he ended the relationship vs cheating in the relationship. It felt like growth of his character in recognizing what wasn't working out. His character is the only redeeming person in this series that doesn't take advantage and sexually abuse other characters. Taeyoung’s ex-girlfriend, Lizzy, is the most disturbing and irredeemable characters causing other people to place blame on Taeyoung for their failing relationship rather than her paranoia and manipulative personality. There's a very strong possibility that the main character tried his hardest to get her to recognize that her behaviors weren't ok, but that it never worked. During this entire review, I'm entirely glossing over the fact that he grew female genitalia on his rib cage-- alas where the title came from as Adam's Rib. While that is 🤪 questionable in of itself, it's the least of my concerns with this series. I adore the artist and the work they've done in the past. They appease to an audience that is typically overlooked. It's a big reason why I've gravitated to the femdom genre. Series that heavily emphasize on sexual abuse are a big yikers for me (Killing Stalking). TL;DR: If you enjoy sexual abuse that's devoid of romantic emotions the whole way through a series, then I guess this is for you guys. For me, I only really enjoyed the art and Taeyoung’s character as-is in the beginning of the 4 chapters. Everything else could be put in a dumpster fire and I wouldn't bat an eye.

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