The Rest Is A Love Thing?!

Alt title: Nokorimono ni wa Ai ga Aru!?

Vol: 1; Ch: 8
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The Rest Is A Love Thing?!

A couple of boys join the ranks of a “couples harassing” club whose mission is to wreak terror on unsuspecting couples out of jealousy! Oh, did we say “couple of boys”? Bit of a dead giveaway there! You guessed it — although Nishi and Yone are two guys looking out to get “girlfriends of their own”, they are all but a couple themselves! Still, it’s not happily ever after just yet. Nishi denies his love for Yone and puts up a cold façade, claiming again and again that he wants a real girlfriend! Yone knows that deep down Nishi loves him. The amount of love they make is a good indicator of that, even if it is always beer or anxiety induced! 

Source: DMG

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