The Remarried Empress

Alt title: Jaehon Hwanghu

Ch: 161+
2019 - ?
4.312 out of 5 from 4,278 votes
Rank #301
The Remarried Empress

Navier Ellie Trovi was an empress perfect in every way -- intelligent, courageous, and socially adept. She was kind to her subjects and devoted to her husband. Navier was perfectly content to live the rest of her days as the wise empress of the Eastern Empire. That is, until her husband brought home a mistress and demanded a divorce. “I accept this divorce… And I request an approval of my remarriage.” In a shocking twist, Navier remarries another emperor and retains her title and childhood dream as empress. But just how did everything unfold?

Source: Webtoon

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I had high hopes for The Remarried Empress but it just turned out to be yet another overrated manhwa. _______ the plot, though not the most original, gave out the feel of a nice and thrilling drama you would love to read. But after a point, the plot became slow, repetitive and predictable. the divorce and remarraige scene in the first episodewas never played out even after like 50+ chapters. At this point the title is just severely misleading. I can't see her divorcing in the next 50 chapters either. The story is just the fl putting up with soveishu and rashta's shit; i cant even see her trying to do something about it except for a few lines which barely even make a difference.why or how did sovieshu fall for rashta when he got along especially well with navier? How did rashta seduce him? nothing is explained, the already below average plot is poorly executed and the romance and the story in general is just too dang slow for my liking. Art is okay. Not great, but not bad either. One thing i definitely did not like was the fact that navier looks like a completely different person once she changes her hairdo. But otherwise, it's ... fine. Navier's characer feels really flat, and i can barely see any character development. The characters dont feel real. I dont find myself sympathising or feeling bad for navier. I'm just like,wow she's in a pitiable situation, but i dont feel the pity the author wants to make me feel. Sovieshu and Rashta's personalities are dislikeable, nothing more, nothing less. they just feel really 2D. The only character i feel is atleast reasonably well written is heinrey. It's just..disappointing. Overall, it could have been much more interesting if the author had speeded up things (the romance is too goddamn slow), added some twists and made the characters more realistic. The way the plot is progressing, what could actually fit in 80-90 chapters will go on for atleast 250 chapters. definitely not my cup of tea.  the manhwa world is filled with shitloads of victorian romances and dramas, so i'm sure you can find better ones anyway. _______  excuse any grammatical/spelling errors. thanks :D


Sorry but this manga was not to my liking. I initially thought from the description that the mange would be centered about the former Empress which would be divorced because she is replaced by another woman disregarding that MC would be most fit for the position of the Empress in terms of skill. While this part is mainly true what I did not expect was that the manga would instead mainly resolve around the preset (story before the divorce) instead of her new life as the Empress of another kingdom/empire. Honestly it is kind of disappointing because in the very first chapter the scene with the divorce and her "new man" was shown but no matter how many chapters I read I did not get to the point where the story would begin in my opinion. It would be a different thing if the reader were not to know that a divorce would happen and the intent would be making the reader wonder "Oh boy, what a doochebag the Emperor is... Pushing away a perfectly fine Empress instead of a political marriage and having this favored girl as a mistress... I wonder what will happen, will they make up or will they break up and MC would follow male lead 2 (birdy prince) to his kingdom as his wife". Instead we know the outcome which never came. What I got instead was a frustrating male lead mistreating MC and a somewhat strange romance of MC with bird prince. Well maybe the point would have arrived when the divorce happens and the real story begins in the new kingdom and maybe taking revenge on male lead 1 (stupid emperor) which I hoped for the whole time, but I dropped it before that point. I do not say that this point does not happen and the story may not be good afterwards but if that is the case: THE INTERLUDE/INTRODUCTION IS WAY TOO LONG. Never mind me if you are not bothered by something like that, maybe the manga is to your liking.

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