The Rebellious Kid

Alt titles: Bu Guai, Misbehave, Save Me Gently

Ch: 79
2019 - 2022
3.908 out of 5 from 167 votes
Rank #7,197
The Rebellious Kid

Xiang Yang, a rebellious and unruly teenager, doesn't care about rules and other people at all. Adults don't know what to do with him, and his classmates are afraid of him. However, he attracts Mingxu's attention. As the class monitor, Mingxu starts to have complex feelings about him. Mingxu cares about him, pity him, but is also mad at him. Maybe there's also affection. By showing his constant gentleness, and if necessary, toughness, Mingxu eventually moved Xiang Yang. What spark will the two tough guys create? Will they make it through the way that is full of laughter and tears and get their salvation in the end?

Source: Pocket Comics

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