The Quintessential Quintuplets (Pilot)

Alt title: 5-toubun no Hanayome (Pilot)

One Shot
3.668 out of 5 from 24 votes
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The Quintessential Quintuplets (Pilot)

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Reviewing pilot chapters is a bit of an odd enterprise since they're basically just an earlier iteration of what eventually came to be. So what I did for the purposes of this review was compare this oneshot panel for panel with the opening chapter of the main series. And for a good while, they're basically identical with only a few minor alterations to angles and facial expressions here and there. But then starting with the interactions with Yotsuba, we start seeing some actual shifts in the panel layouts and some minor changes to substance. The important plot points are still the same, but we see things like Yotsuba getting Uesugi's attention by flashing feir panties (instead of just getting in Uesugi's personal space) and the absence of the the interaction with Miku about spying on girls and other minor details like that. And speaking of Miku, Miku's character design in this oneshot didn't have the headphones and was far less endearing. The other characters were pretty much the same (though Yotsuba's hair is a little bit longer, I think). I'm not sure how to rate this. The artwork is still good. The plot and hook are still engaging--which is unsurprising considering that it's the same as the actual opening chapter--but it does lose out on some points because it's only a oneshot and doesn't have a fleshed out story. The rough ideas for the characters are present, but we don't actually get to know them with any sort of depth (again, since it's only a oneshot). Plus, Miku's character design in this oneshot is far inferior to the eventual series and makes feir character much more bland.

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