The Protection of Lariensa Gelinus - Custom lists

Alt title: Marilyn-eun Lariensa-reul Neomu Joahae!

The Protection of Lariensa Gelinus
  • Accidental Warrior
  • 5500 Shades of the Demon King
  • 50 Tea Recipes from the Duchess
  • 30 Day Fiancee
  • 19th End Century Memorandum

Otome Isekai And Historical Webcomics by MugCakeGirl

Otome isekai/ reincarnation/ time travel and otome focused historical webcomics. No one shots.

  • An Observation Log of My Fiancée Who Calls Herself a Villainess
  • Altina the Sword Princess
  • All Hail Lady Blanche!
  • Aidin
  • 108-kai Korosareta Akuyaku Reijou: Subete wo Omoidashita no de, Otome wa Ruby de Kiseki shimasu

Red-Haired Heroines (and the occasional Villainess!) by starlightdreams

There's just something about stories with fiery red-haired girls...

  • .hack//Alcor
  • +a no Tachiichi
  • 'Ecchi Shitai' to Itte Kure: Seijin (?) Buchou to Junshin (?) OL
  • "LOVe" (Osamu ISHIWATA)
  • "At This Rate, I'm Gonna Come..." The Warden's Relentless Pat-Down

Female Main Character by NamelessTeen

This is a list of manga/light novels/novels/webtoon/web novels that follow a female main character. ...

  • Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru
  • A Common Story of a Lady's New Life
  • Accomplishments of the Duke’s Daughter
  • A Beauty, A Fatal Concubine
  • 50 Tea Recipes from the Duchess

Live a Second Life by CremeBrule

Shojo & Josei stories where the female protagonists gets to live a second life, either through reincarnation, time travel or traveling to another world. I'll try and add content warnings when they apply but I might miss some...

  • A Talented Maid
  • They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter
  • My Fair Footman
  • Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp
  • Who Made Me a Princess

Historical Manhwa With a Female Protagonist (No Oneshots) by Kriptionite

These include stories that have a female protagonist reincarnated/time traveled/awake in a historical setting (Or the story may just be set in a historical setting). If you love “Who Made Me a Princess” or those villainess...

  • After the Curtain Call
  • Adelaide
  • Addiction
  • About Us
  • 340 Days

Official English Translations on TappyToon by Hoozuki

This is a complete list of every comic and webtoon officially and legally translated and released in English on These are either incomplete, ongoing or fully released in English.