The Prodigal Son of Ming Dynasty

Ch: 234+
2021 - ?
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The Prodigal Son of Ming Dynasty

Q: Who is Fang Jipan? Father General: He’s my prodigal son. sob sob; Emperor: Every time he opens his mouth, my head hurts; every time he comes close, I want to run away. Prince: He’s the sole cause of my misery, and the reason I'm always being berated. Fang Jipan: Hi guys! Did you miss me? Father General, Lord, Prince: We have to go now!

Source: Bilibili Comics

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A guy gets transmigrated (?) to the body of a lowlife in the Ming dynasty. He knows a lot of history and random stuff so he's able to take advantage of this knowledge to carve his path through history... or maybe not. The premise of the story is that if he acts like a normal person his household thinks he's mentally ill so he's tortured having needles inserted into his brain by a quack doctor, thus he needs to acts like a ass from time to time and everyone is happy, till he acts smart again, and again they threaten him with torture. To make matters worse, it soon is not only his household that buys into this "mentally ill" BS but those in the palace too, even after the MC has shown abilities that are superior to all the brilliant mind of the era combined, they will say illness this and illness that for whatever BS reason.You might think this is stupid, and make no sense and you would be right, this is the kind of manhua that thrives in the nonsensical humor, expect things to go into dumb or unexpected directions because the author thinks it's funny, expect people to call the MC impaired after proving the erudites wrong because, why not and expect the MC to act smart one moment and like a complete idiot the next with the excuse of "playing the part".If you are into that kind of comedy, then by all means go ahead, several people seemed to find it funny in the comments after all. Add 2 in humor to the rating.For me it's a waste of a decent story since if it wasn't because of all the forced nonsense, it's interesting. The comedy just ruins it for me.

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