The Prince's Romance Gambit

Alt title: Ouji ga Watashi wo Akiramenai!

Vol: 3+; Ch: 30+
2015 - ?
4.025 out of 5 from 130 votes
Rank #3,269
The Prince's Romance Gambit

With an IQ of 500, Prince Hatsuyuki Ichimonji has the bloodline of kings and more oil companies and titles than he can count! Even with everything at his fingertips, this extraordinary prince has his life thrown completely off-balance by one absolutely plain and plebeian girl, Koume Yoshida! But she’s unsure if she wants anything to do with him! Will the prince manage to wedge his way into her heart through sheer persistence?

Source: Kodansha

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farrahf's avatar
farrahf Feb 27, 2017
Score 9/10

REEAALLLYYYYYYY WANT MORE CHAPTERS UGH. It's such a fun story and Im really enjoying it. read more



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