The Prince in Game Is Hard to Raise

Alt title: Chongsheng Youxi: Zhege Huangzi Bu Hao Yang

Ch: 40+
2021 - ?
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The Prince in Game Is Hard to Raise

A girl found herself in the world of an otome game where she is Hill Augustine, a young noble girl. Her goal is to take care of Prince Xiulin who will become the future emperor of the game's world. However, she mustn't act out of character or else she will fail the game and her life will end!

Source: INKR

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Take this review with a grain of salt because I couldn't push through the 2nd chapter.  I almost never read manhuas because they're lacking in substance and it puts me off the story due to how unrealistic the events are. I'll spoil the first two chapters of this manhua and if you think this is something you can handle, I commend you.  Standard isekai manhwas have truck-kun or an illness or transmigration of souls to explain why they're in an alternate world. The FL here wasn't looking at where she was going and she walks into an OPEN MANHOLE because she was playing her otome game while walking. Yep, that's her death story. She accidentally selects the male lead she has no interest in as she was falling to her death. This male lead is abused by his family at an early age. We first see him in the world while he's being CRUCIFIED. I didn't stutter - the child was CRUCIFIED and was about to be burnt at the makeshift cross BY ANOTHER CHILD. I just ??? Uhm ??? What is happening here???  The female lead is plagued by a talking cat as if she was in genshin impact or some other gacha game explaining the mechanics of the world. She gets pop-ups explaining the rules with the weirdest rules? Like if the male lead is dying, it'll give her live feedback of his health bar??? Convenient but they really took the game mechanic seriously, huh. It's definitely a first for me and I would've loved to read more but the next part took me out of the entire game. The ML, shivering from the cold, was brought to the FL's room. Since the game prohibits her from acting out of character with actual consequences, she must play the part of the villainess. To dry off the ML, she asks them to bring a CHARCOAL GRILL into her room. You heard that right, folks. The daughter of a rich duke asks them to bring in a CHARCOAL GRILL into her room and then asks the ML to fan the charcoal overnight while she lay there sleeping.  First of all, smoke inhalation in a closed space is an actual risk. How can she lie there sleeping in her smoky ass room as if she was breathing air from a mountain? Secondly, did she never think of using a fireplace which she should have in her room if it was set in the traditional European setting? Third, isn't she afraid of the ML setting fire to the room as she lay there sleeping especially because he was angry at her family - and by extension, her - for abusing him throughout his lifetime? Yeah, I gave up. I only have two braincells to rub on a good day and this one is really taking a toll on both of them. Dropped at Chapter 2.

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