The Price of Breaking Up (Novel)

Alt title: Pahoneui Daega (Novel)

Ch: 162
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The Price of Breaking Up (Novel)

Clearly, it was a joke made by God. “The companion of His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince is the precious daughter of Marquis Lurhtella.” How could the oracle be mistaken? As soon as I was born, I was chosen to be the Crown Princess and have lived there, but everything changed overnight. Power, status, and the perspective of people. I thought only his love wouldn’t change. However, he did not hesitate to notify me of the annulment of marriage, and that is how it ended between us. Giving up everything was a lot easier than I thought. But… “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Princess Pesentria.” “……” “Speaking of the owner of the temple, I wonder if you remember me.” He, who had the greatest divine power in the Empire, reached out to me. Can I hold his hand?

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