The Perfect Hybrid (Novel)

Alt title: Gyugyeok Oe Hyeoltong Cheonjae (Novel)

Ch: 488
2021 - 2023
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The Perfect Hybrid (Novel)

Gwagik Yu lives in a world where superhumans battle extraterrestrial invaders. All he's ever wanted to do was crush aliens—and look cool while doing it. Luckily for him, he was blessed with extraordinary abilities thanks to his "Irregular" parents: his father is an immortal, and his mother is a powerful animorph. But before Gwangik can kick some alien butt, he must hone his powers and win the approval of his peers. Facing the challenges of young adulthood while also protecting his planet—it's all part of an average day for this teenage super freak!

Source: Yonder

Includes 79 extra chapters.

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