The Pawn's Revenge

Alt title: Chess Pieces

Ch: 39+
2021 - ?
4.367 out of 5 from 408 votes
Rank #2,299
The Pawn's Revenge

As a male prostitute in the slums, Je-oh is at the bottom of the social hierarchy. A pawn among pawns. Sure, he's tried to break away, but each attempt has only left him with more wounds. Until one day, he gets a serial killer who kidnaps him along with his pimp. The killer, Seong-rok, is on a mission for his lover, a former prostitute plotting to turn the tables. Why he rescued Je-oh is unclear, but a slick-talking manwhore was definitely not part of anyone's plan. Regardless, Je-oh is no ordinary pawn. Now that he has entered the game, he will use every trick up his sleeve—or in his pants—to get revenge.

Source: Lezhin

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Guy who's only read Killing Stalking, seeing Pawn's Revenge: getting a lot killing stalking vibes from this 😲 Discrediting all the killing stalking similarity allegations by actually reading the manhwa, first off the victim (Je-oh) of kidnapping is actually a 'willing victim' who's quite happy about being 'kidnapped' bc that would mean he can finally escape his life of forced prostitution to pay off the debt taken on by his now dead father, he has never been in mortal danger in the hands of the contract killer(I think assasin/ contract killer is the more apt term compared to serial killer bc he's killing on orders rather than his own pleasure) and the killer himself took him under bc he saw Je-oh being sexually assaulted by his target and Je-oh was waiting for him to get him out. The Pawn's Revenge is a good thriller and I'm not exactly sure who I'm rooting for in any of this because all parties are equally interesting and valid from their perspective (except the people who are forcing people in what is essentially sex slavery may they die a thousand deaths). The perspective of the only competent detective is interesting but I also need him to fuck off and let my faves kill, Je-oh is by far my favorite character he's so conniving and non chalant about everything it's hilarious to see everyone else freak out about it, Seong-rok is just a fool in love; love that for you bisexual king (it's kind of funny that the 'softest' character in the whole story is the guy who goes around killing people), MS. Jeon is so cool the very definition of girlboss gaslight gaykeep etc etc I want her to win so bad but I also want my poor little meow meows survive all this and get away in one piece 😓 it's such a struggle to read a good thriller where everyone is hot and smart and has good reason to screw over each other 😔 TW: on page sexual assault (not perpetuated by either main character), mention of pedophilia, mention of domestic violence, child neglect/ abuse in flashbacks

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