The Pale Horse

Alt title: Changbaekan Mal

Ch: 284
2011 - 2020
3.955 out of 5 from 179 votes
Rank #5,280
The Pale Horse

A demon returns to a small French village to recover something he had lost there there years before. His sudden reappearence leads to chaos, death and the revealtion of secrets that changes the lives of several families forever.

Source: Spottoon

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came for copper found gold or so i thought... warning, story contains cannibalism, rape, incest, violence and more. every single relationship is shockingly unhealthy and plain mad but still, the disgusting, the good, the thrills all make this one hell of a ride foreshadowing for FL's identity and thousand years backstories with lemon(benjamin)  was rlly good. tension btwn them was so toxic hot, u hate every character but like them at the same time, it was super investing  loved fl and benjamin(lemon/guinness) together, hes a fkng well-written but twisted character with the bickering chemistry and insane love for fl. tbf both of them are super messed up even tho he became that way for fl. like fl said 'he was a mirror match of my twisted heart' they were so gd toegther. altho fl was js disappointing, js as selfish as she was in day 1, still rooted for her cus they were all really complicated but fk pierre cus he def js had puppy crush turned hatred turned lust bc of FLs beauty. the hate to love trope between them was so fkng annoying bc thats not love its lust u horndog (still didnt like how he lost his virginity to some old hag as a kept lover and even convinced himself he liked that old woman wtff) Benjamin had more of an obsession/love for fl while pierre's is just fucking lust and disgusting how he thinks otherwise. both are hot but benjamins character was more thrilling to read than plainass pierre  the ending was disgusting and disappointing, wld warn u to fuck this shit but cant lie that it was an insane fun read despite my disappointment read if ur prepared for some twisted stuff but dont waste ur time on it if u didnt like what i mentioned in my review

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