The Other World's Books Depend on the Bean Counter

Alt title: Isekai no Sata wa Shachiku Shidai

Vol: 4+; Ch: 25+
2020 - ?
4.339 out of 5 from 471 votes
Rank #225
The Other World's Books Depend on the Bean Counter

Seiichiro's always pulled his own weight, all day every day, for almost thirty years. Even when he gets stuck in a fantasy world because of some strange Saint-Summoning Ritual, he keeps on keeping on. It isn't until he meets the Aresh, the Captain of the Knights, that realizes he may possibly want more out of life than his job. Can Seiichiro melt the heart of the infamous Ice Nobleman—or is he destined to be married to his work…forever?!

Source: Yen Press

Content Warning

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Do you hear that? Do you hear the sound of the isekai gods finally blessing us with a BL Isekai story with decent characters, interesting plot, and a unique world? If you wanted something new in the BL Isekai genre, this is it!  I enjoyed this one so much. The art style is clean and immaculately drawn, the mangaka clearly has experience with storyboarding and drawing humans. You could see how well they draw proportions, characters, and backgrounds and it definitely helps with highlighting the story they've created. The MC is an accountant and an office slave to boot. Not your stereotypical main character in isekai stories which are usually comprised of highschool students, NEETs, female maidens with holy powers, or sometimes an office worker who's going home from work. Our MC lives to work. Our MC finds no purpose in their life other than working. Some people find it shameful but for the MC here, if he does not create work then he only suffers. His passion and skill set is mostly in financial related items and when he gets isekai-d, he decides to work for the accounting department in the new world. For me, that was already interesting by itself. They don't skimp on the accounting part either as just a "quirky" part of his personality; they actually show the MC working and he makes waves in the world. He uncovers financial inconsistencies, explains how in the world do isekai manhwas somehow funds the recently summoned characters, and makes plans for the next financial year. Mwah. The actual hero of the manga. In terms of romance, I really really love that the ML respects MC's decisions. He doesn't forcibly (without any flimsy reason) push for a romance or falls in love with him as if it was a given. But their romance slowly blossoms through continuous interaction with each other, both of them mutually curious about the other person. Yes!! Show us that love!!  I'm looking forward to reading more from this author and to exploring the world in more detail. Currently, we only have 13 chapters but if this proceeds, I have high hopes for the quality of the work. Reviewed at Chapter 13.

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