The Nurse's Job

Alt title: Nurse ga Oshigoto

Vol: 1; Ch: 8
2001 - 2003
2.869 out of 5 from 71 votes
Rank #19,678
The Nurse's Job

Now the nurses are the ones receiving specialized medical treatment! Young Nurse Yuu is taken advantage of when a patient decides he doesn’t want to be discharged from the hospital and give up his specialized medical treatments. Then there’s hard-working Nurse Mako who talks with Dr. Nagai about some personal ailments but gets put into a compromising position?! Then there are those who get punished for keeping secrets… A bad servant is naughtily and sadistically disciplined by his master, students pay for not being honest with their classmates and teacher, and a boy pretends to be his sister at her wedding?!

Source: DMG

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