The Missing O

Ch: 137
2017 - 2020
4.218 out of 5 from 230 votes
Rank #2,897
The Missing O

Sex can be amazing, not to mention ecstasy inducingly mind-blowing. And Eunsung knows that because 7 years ago, she had good sex (an understatement). She felt the universe crack open to show her its secrets. Too bad she hasn't had a decent orgasm since. It's been a long journey, but everyone knows, before you get to "P," you have to go through "O."

Source: Lezhin

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I think this might be one of my favorite smut manhwas of all time. I'll try to keep this as spoiler free as I can in case youre reading this before giving it a chance, but trust me, you won't regret it. I find that more often than not, smut mangas/manhwas tend to fall onto stereotypes and tropes that are not only harmful, but also boring as well: it's the same sex-scenes you've seen 100 times before with cardboard characters with same-face syndrome put together into some lukewarm plotline. However, with this one, I can say I was pleasantly surprised. The plotlines here are simple, even a bit cliche and definitely predictable, but it doesn't come across as tacky. I actually found it a bit charming, which is proof that you can do wonders with simple plotlines, as long as you have a strong cast to work with, which leads to the selling point of this story: the characters. Everyone here is very fleshed out, and while I didn't like everyone in the main cast, I can recognize and understand their character and their motivations. The main trio's friendship is a strong factor throughout the entire story, which is very refreshing and was something I enjoyed a lot. Every character had a unique personality that impacted the dynamics and honestly, I can't stop talking about it.  Speaking of unique things, shall I highligh how nice it was to see the diversity here? In terms of body type, sexual orientation, dynamics, and even sexual styles? It was very good to see that representation and see other perspectives other than the ones we usually get in this sort of story. Art wise, it's very consistent and everyone is very attractive and pretty, which is ~nice~, tho sometimes it did get a bit weird. Mainly nitpicking. If you're here just for the sex, I still recommend it. They were always interesting and even if you don't pay a great amount of attention to the story (for whatever reason you might have) to understand the basic  context of the scenes and to learn which types of scene you might get from which characters.

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