The Millionaire Divorcee

Alt title: Ihondanghaetjiman Jaebeorimnida

Ch: 112+
2021 - ?
3.445 out of 5 from 474 votes
Rank #31,409
The Millionaire Divorcee

Duchess Alicia de Payharen’s world gets flipped upside down when her philandering husband hands her divorce documents. Luckily, she secures a large settlement to her advantage. As she sets out with her maid, Neri, Alicia uses her new capital to kickstart a bold new business idea. The trade? Jewelry! With tenacity and honed intellect, Alicia de Payharen vows to secure her spot as a business mogul. This ex-duchess has many obstacles to overcome to meet her goal, but she’s keeping her eyes on the prize and going for the gold!

Source: Tapas

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Pretty generic, but I found it highly enjoyable. Current chapter: 28 Summary:The FL's husband, Duke Payhorn, has been cheating on her for two years and now demands a divorce. The FL, who truly loved him but had quite enough of his bullshit, agrees - but demands 30% of everything he own as alimony. Now she and her treasured maid, rich and beholden to no one, decide to have some fun and spend some money. While trying to commission a necklace, she discovers that the jewel craftsmen are horribly exploited and decides to just hire them herself - it's not like she doesn't have enough money to indulge her whims. Thus starts the beginning of her empire. Review:Plot: 4/5To be honest, it's really good, but nothing revolutionary. There are elements of the standard revenge stories, but it's mostly just by living well - her ex just gets really jealous when he sees what an amazing life she has built herself. It's mostly just about her being, well, an excellent businesswoman and building herself a new 'family'. I think the business and aristocracy aspects are well combined, creating a world that feels realistic yet still fantastical enough to be interesting. Without spoiling too much, let me just say that things like the Princess's birthday ball are excellently used to promote her jewelry business.Oh, the Fl was apparently also a saleswoman (?) in her past life, but that is only mentioned in, like, three panels. Nice extra, I guess?And there's magic. Characters: 4.5/5Surprise, surprise - Duke Payhorn, her ex, is horrible. So is her birth family, and she has no love to spare for any of them. The supporting characters, on the other hand, are great. I love the clerks she hires, absolutely adore the maid, and the FL is just my cup of tea too: smart, driven, with enough charisma and cunning to succeed as a businesswoman but also incredibly kind.Her new business partner, Duke oops I forgot his name, is also great - incredibly supporting of the FL, kind and a man of principles yet a very successful businessman. I really hope he's the ML, but it's too early to tell. Art: 5/5The art is good. Easy on the eyes, and very beautiful when the jewelry is depicted. All in all, a feel-good manhwa. There's no deep plot, no great conspiracies - just a divorced woman living her best life and forming new friendships after spending two years in a toxic relationship.

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