The Mighty Warrior From A Mental Hospital

Ch: 260+
2021 - ?
4.075 out of 5 from 343 votes
Rank #2,351
The Mighty Warrior From A Mental Hospital

In this world, monsters are getting more powerful, but no matter how strong they are, they disappear in this mental hospital. Some even lose their dignity and become food ingredients or pets. We're talking about the Green Peak Mental Hospital, which is full of talents and powerful warriors. Lin Fan, a patient with severe mental illness, acquired a system one day. He claims that he's not mentally ill. He's just a normal person who enjoys cultivation. He's only got simple hobbies like sticking wires into sockets, climbing onto electrical transformers, and standing on the roof to wave a metal stick when it thunders.

Source: Qidian

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In recent years, a trend of making ridiculous comedy manhuas became strong in China. I dislike this trend, because those comedies are usually too retarded and have nothing to offer beside the said comedy. This manhua belongs to this trend. However, I can't bring myself to dislike it. The comedy in it is excellent. I got to laugh a lot. I won't go into details - you just have to read it. I will only say that it's heavily based on cultivation (modern style) and similar power levels that are common in Chinese comics/novels. That's also why the overall score is higher than the components. The story is a bit meh, but that's okay because this manhua is a comedy first and foremost. For a comedy, the story seems decent enough. In a way, you could say that we basically have a serious setting, but because of the protagonist duo, it all became a ridiculous comedy and a parody of similar stories. I still gave story a high score coz of those reasons. Art is solid. Nothing excellent, and being in color is already staple in manhua, but it also doesn't seem to have any weaknesses. At least not that I found any. Characters are funny af. Don't expect any special depth, though, because it's a comedy. There is some depth to some, which is already good. On the other hand, the author (or authors) like to kill off characters a lot. This is good because there would be no tension otherwise, but it may be going overboard to some. Overall, I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes comedy or cultivation genre. It's one of the few manhua comedies that are actually funny.

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