The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra

Alt title: Manga de Wakaru Senkei Daisuu

Vol: 1; Ch: 9
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The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra

Reiji wants two things in life: a black belt in karate and Misa, the girl of his dreams. Luckily, Misa's big brother is the captain of the university karate club and is ready to strike a deal: Reiji can join the club if he tutors Misa in linear algebra. Follow along as Reiji takes Misa from the absolute basics of this tricky subject through mind-bending operations like performing linear transformations, calculating determinants, and finding eigenvectors and eigenvalues. With memorable examples like miniature golf games and karate tournaments, Reiji transforms abstract concepts into something concrete, understandable, and even fun.

Source: No Starch Press

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