The Male Lead Won't Let Me Be!

Alt title: Namja Juingongi Nae Apgireul Garomangneunda

Ch: 73
2022 - 2023
3.51 out of 5 from 357 votes
Rank #29,209
The Male Lead Won't Let Me Be!

After being reborn as Ariel Ellifritiz, a side character destined to become Crown Prince Eisa’s fiancée, I was determined to enjoy my new life as a rich, pretty, and strong noblewoman. But as fate would have it, I somehow end up saving the young Prince Siegfried, the male lead and the crown prince’s rival, as he’s fleeing from Eisa’s men. Getting involved with Siegfried or his battle for the throne is the last thing I want, but what’s a girl to do when the male lead won’t let her be?

Source: Tapas

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