The Main Characters That Only I Know

Alt title: Naman Aneun Juingongdeul

Ch: 24+
2024 - ?
3.907 out of 5 from 199 votes
Rank #7,084
The Main Characters That Only I Know

I wanted to be the hero but I knew in my bones that I couldn’t. Ten years after the end of the world I struggled desperately to survive but I fell to my knees in the face of a great destiny. “If only I were given one more chance.” And like a miracle, another chance came. It’s not like before, when I gave up and let go of everything. I’ve had enough of playing the supporting role, now it’s time to rise above everyone else. I’ll be the main character and reach for the stars.

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This manwha is so good! I usually hate whenever an apocalypse story has a viewership setup with donations, divinities and chat rooms. It's usually pretty messy with subpar internet culture slangs of the originating countries. I once read a manhua like that and more than half of the content was inside jokes. Here the chat function is pretty tame. Another thing that don't like is wehn MC has to slave away to satisfy the viewers. you read a fantasy story to see a cool MC and luckily this one serves. Finally, we have some kind of dual MC even if one is clreary the main character of our story. I find it quite novel and refreshing for a dungeon story. So from the get go the setting is already good for me. When it comes to the plot itself I find it also pretty interesting. There are only 22 chapters out at the time of writing so I don't have yet a good grasp on the story being told. But from what I've seen so far there are multiple levels with the first one being the dungeons with their own plot, then the real world with its plot, and then a higher level with MC and the outer world. All of these make for a pretty compelling story with multiple adventures and characters to see. I enjoy rich world with deep characterization and this one seems to be headed in that direction. Also as of the last 2-3 chapters (19 to 22), MC's personality seems to change and his goal is starting to take shape. I really like where it's going. All in all it's not the best art or the best plot, there's a lot of "plot armor" but the way the story is told is enough to satisfy me. I don't feel inconvenienced at all by a power up or OPness. 

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