The Little Princess and Her Monster Prince

Alt titles: Goemul Hwangtaejaui Anaega Doeeotseumnida, I Became the Wife of the Monstrous Crown Prince

Ch: 80+
2021 - ?
4.039 out of 5 from 1,505 votes
Rank #2,746
The Little Princess and Her Monster Prince

Heroine has traveled back in time and entered the universe of "Lady and the Beast," a 19th century soft porn trashy novel. She finds herself in the body of Anthea, child bride of the Monster Crown Prince Blake, who has been cursed to die at the age of 18 due to this sins of his ancestor. In the novel, Anthea should have committed suicide after looking at the horrible cursed birth marks on Prince Blake's body. But she tries to rewrite a part of the story by instilling confidence in Blake and showering him with unconditional love, just until he is ready to meet his "real" true love, Diana.

Source: Pocket Comics

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I thought the story was super interesting at first, particularly the prince and his curse. I'm interested in knowing more about it and how FL's sister would heal him (in the original story at least). But somehow, that doesn't appear to be the main focus after so many chapters. So far, the FL has just been developing a relationship with the emperor and her FIL...but their relationship is strange. Actually, the Fl is just very odd overall lmao. She's so "wise" for her age and it's really apparent that she has the mind of an adult but somehow??? the emperor isn't concerned about this fact??? Even after she was GAWKING at his abs?? What kind of child develops an admiration for muscle so early on in life? Her whole vibe is just so unfitting for a child and for her character, I just don't think she belongs in the story at all. Anyway, you can probably tell I'm less than satisfied with the characters and the storyline. The art is fine on its own though. But the art alone is really not enough to make me stay. So, for romance readers, I doubt you would be happy with the current chapters. There's really no "romance" here?? It's mostly just fluffy...maybe somewhat cutesy scenes between the supposed ML and the FL (which is fine because they're both still children.) The fantasy element isn't really fulfilled here either, which I mentioned regarding the lack of focus on the curse and the light powers which were supposed to save the prince.  Overall the manhwa is sort of purposeless. We don't know what the FL plans to do with the prince, we don't know what's supposed to happen to the prince and there's just nothing worthwhile happening at all. Quite a disappointment. 

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