The Little Princess and Her Monster Prince

Alt title: Goemul Hwangtaejaui Anaega Doeeotseumnida

Ch: 19+
2021 - ?
4.453 out of 5 from 400 votes
Rank #510
The Little Princess and Her Monster Prince

Heroine has traveled back in time and entered the universe of "Lady and the Beast," a 19th century soft porn trashy novel. She finds herself in the body of Anthea, child bride of the Monster Crown Prince Blake, who has been cursed to die at the age of 18 due to this sins of his ancestor. In the novel, Anthea should have committed suicide after looking at the horrible cursed birth marks on Prince Blake's body. But she tries to rewrite a part of the story by instilling confidence in Blake and showering him with unconditional love, just until he is ready to meet his "real" true love, Diana.

Source: Pocket Comics

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There hasn't been many chapters out yet so it's hard to say if the story is going to be good, although there are some things that I do and don't like so far. First, the art is great and each frame is really well drawn. Having very nice art really goes a long way in making the manhwa seem more put together and have a good story to it. The characters are well drawn and overall, it's very pleasing to the eye (well, at least to mine). What I don't like about it is where the story seems to be going right now, as in it's not very realistic? It's another one of those manhwas when the FL wakes up to a world inside of a novel that she's read before so now, she's trying to avoid whatever bad fate will come either her way or to others. I don't mean to be picky, but I feel like there's not very much questioning from the FL. What I mean by that is she instantly decides that she wants to help the crown prince (the ML) kinda out of...nowhere? For right now, her only motives are to help the crown prince and prepare him for when he meets the actual female lead of the novel. She doesn't think "Hold on, if he leaves me for her later on then what's gonna happen to me?" I think the main reason why she doesn't question this is because we wouldn't get as much scenes of her taking care of the adorable, young crown prince. If she just simply decides "Lemme take care of the crown prince and that's my main purpose here." then we would immediately get a long of cute scenes between them.  (They are both young when the manhwa starts off btw.) What I do like about the story so far though is that the novel the FL is transported into is a Rated 19 novel, so there's a lot of like "Oh, of course he's hot." or "Of course, the only way to break the curse is by touching another person with special abilities." so I like the awareness in that aspect. It also makes for a unique twist (I haven't read any manhwas thus far where the FL wakes up in a rated 19 novel). Also, I'm curious about what will happen in the future. Like how is the crown prince going to look like when he is older, what will happen when the sister shows up, is the crown prince gonna have the same flirty personality as he did when in the original novel, how is the FL gonna try to push him away?  I'll still continue to read, but the title is corny enough so I'd keep my expectations low in terms of the plot. 

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