The Legendary Return

Alt title: Hoegwiui Jeonseol

Ch: 65+
2021 - ?
4.125 out of 5 from 340 votes
Rank #7,312
The Legendary Return

Jobless and down on his luck, stock trader Jang Taesan was wandering aimlessly when he saw a speeding car racing toward a child. Though he saves the child’s life, he dies in the process. Reborn 14 years in the past, Taesan is a high schooler again, but he still remembers everything, including every top stock! With his family’s finances in tatters, it’s up to him to use his market foresight to change their fate. He may have failed in his past life, but this time his success will be legendary!

Source: Tapas

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Jang Taesan had just lost his job and was contemplating ending his life, but ultimately decides against it. He then follows behind a young boy and the boy had headphones in his ears and was looking down so didn't see the car heading his way. Taesan jumps in to save the boy and push him out of the way and is hit by the car instead.  After his good deed Taesan finds himself 14 years in the past and decides that he's going to use his future knowledge to make his and his family's life better. The basic summary of this story sounds interesting. Even the basic plot sounds interesting. The problem is... 1. the art isn't that great. The characters are made absolutely punchable and that INCLUDES the MC. And, 2. The MC is a scummy piece of crap in the beginning. He steals someone elses work and forges it as his own to gain his initial start up money that he needs to buy stocks. Such a crappy thing to do. He also plays with the hearts of the girls who find him handsome and interesting when on the inside he's a man in his 30's (and in the beginning they're high school girls! Disgusting!). I hate the way he plays around with the girls affections and then shows disgust for other playboys when he's doing the same damn thing without realizing what he's doing! It's annoying! If you're thinking this is going to be a good manhwa to read then I'd suggust you may want to rethink that if charcters like him annoy you (and if they do then disregard this series). The MC's really a piece of work. And so very, very, very punchable. Though... at least he's kind to his family. That's the one good thing about his character. The business aspect of the series though is enjoyable. So yeah. This series may not be for everyone.

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