The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor - Part 3

Alt title: Dalbit Jogaksa - Part 3

Ch: 52
2019 - 2020
4.604 out of 5 from 1,388 votes
Rank #194
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor - Part 3

The third season of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.

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I haven't been horribly impressed with this season as of yet. The art style has yet again altered a bit, this time becoming more buoyant and comical. I don't think I like this art style as much as the previous one. There aren't any notable new characters introduced and a lot of the appearances of the older characters felt more like cameos than anything. Of course, I still liked Weed and Seoyoon, and Mapan was still palatable, but Vanhawk and Surka and other characters that I had once enjoyed felt a lot more bland. And the dojo swordsmen are definitely just annoying at this point. Almost the entirety of this season so far has taken place in the Plains of Despair and consists of two largescale battles involving orcs and dark elves and undead forces. Very little emphasis is placed on Weed's non-combat skills, which is one of the things I most enjoyed in the earlier seasons. Fe does do some sculpting throughout, but fe is producing Masterpieces with little effort and none of feir creations feel like the satisfying end of a struggle. I also didn't care for the real-life sculpting. The most recent chapters, set in Rhodium, feel like they're going to start a quest actually aimed at sculpting, so I guess we'll see how that plays out. Instead, most of the focus of this season has been on feir ability to organize and lead a large army as well as feir recently-gained ability to transform into the form of feir sculptures. I did enjoy fem transforming into feir orc forms and I especially enjoyed the brief segment involving feir skinny orc form and Seoyoon (ch. 21-22). There is also some emphasis placed on companies wanting to compensate fem for the rights to broadcast the clips from these epic battles, which I guess is sorta interesting. Though personally, I didn't find the battles to be all that epic. Sure, there was a lot of flashes and bursts and clashing forces, but that's about it. Weed/Karichee did implement some counterstrategies and tactics, but it didn't really feel like he was reading the battlefield as much as the author just needing to show fem having totally prepared for things. So far, the Dark Gamer Association from season 2 seems to have been dropped entirely, though I guess they could still make an appearance later. [Originally reviewed at chapter 44] [Updated upon completion] Addendum: There's a non-transition between the Rhodium quest and the final dungeon-crawling which the season ends on. Weed has been given an assignment to sculpt something that's most precious to fem in order to discover the secret of moonlight sculpting. In addition to the multiple living dragon sculptures, Weed has also brought a golden sculpture of femself to life. Fe has also increased feir skill in blacksmithing. There are a few things to look forward to in season 4: an in-person meeting between this expanding friend group and Seoyoon and Weed having the opportunity to interact and bond further. We also know that there's an ongoing Northern Campaign, where over a thousand players are going to the north on a joint quest, and it seems likely that Weed will somehow end up playing a role in that and showing off feir excellence (since fe's the protagonist after all).

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