The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor - Part 2

Alt title: Dalbit Jogaksa - Part 2

Ch: 65
2016 - 2017
4.373 out of 5 from 3,485 votes
Rank #130
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor - Part 2

The second season of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.

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Weed is an entertaining character--a duplicitous penny-pincher who is outwardly charismatic and friendly, but inwardly only thinks about how fe can use people to maximize feir own benefits. People also underestimate fem because fe has leveled up non-combat skills like Cooking, Fishing, Sewing, Blacksmithing, and Sculpting. My favorite sections are feir travels with Mapan (chs. 9-19) and feir powering up of skills (chs. 40-43, 46-49). The Morata quest (chs. 21-37) is a duller point in the series, though the quests after chapter 49 aren't exactly the best either--several of them just feel like excuses to have fem fight alongside some of the new side characters (namely, Hwa-Ryung, Zephyr, and the Swordnoobs) and to have the old party make an appearance. The tomb-building quest (ch. 59-61) was building up to be something cool, but then just ended somewhat anticlimactically. The Swordnoob subplot is alright, but not great or anything. I'm usually just wanting to get through those sections and get back to the parts with Weed. I liked Mapan as a supporting character (and I'm glad fe didn't outstay feir welcome), Van Hawk is pretty adorable, and Maylon seems like fe'll be a cute addition to the ensemble. It made sense for Dain to not play a role during this second season of the story because of feir circumstances, but I felt that Seo Yoon should've been included in at least a subplot or something (rather than just getting a scene here or there). The Dark Gamer Association has been introduced, but so far they haven't played a role in anything. Summary: I like the story. It has some flaws, but is still very entertaining and I look forward to reading Season 3.

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