The Legendary Mechanic

Alt title: Chaoshen Jixieshi

Ch: 253+
2021 - ?
3.77 out of 5 from 895 votes
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The Legendary Mechanic

Han Xiao, who boosted accounts for users of the online game Star Ocean, traveled through time via unknown power and landed in the world created by the beta version game. He became an NPC with a player's panel. Without hesitation, he chose his favorite career and became a mechanic. Using his skills learned from the previous life, he accessed instances ahead of others and played his role as an NPC to fool players. Step by step, the rookie became a powerful figure who dominated the game.

Source: Qidian

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I must say i am thankfull for this manhua. As i started reading, there were only 12 chapters online. So i became intrested in the novel and now i am about 400 chapters in the novel. So i came back to check how this mahua is doing, and i am deeply disappointed. And im saying this exactly since i know its an adaptation.The first 15 chapter are allright if i have to say. But after thet, it just gets worse.Naturally a manhua can`t go in so much detail as the novel do, but still. Character come out of nowhere and if i had not read this part of the novel yet, i wouldn`t know what exactly is happening. All the characterbuilding is left out and you dont know why the MC acts the way he does. Most of the Sidecharacters are left out or reduced to exist just for the greatness of the MC. Personall relationships are left out at most parts.I enjoyed the (novel) story so far. There were some parts that got me really hooked and others which seems to take more time then needed. But thats for the Novel. For the manhua...well, as stated above in my opinion, they adapted the story quite bad.The art is alright but far from great. Seems generic. Maybe with an diffrent art-style, which supports more of the story would be better then this.For the characters: same as stated above, i enjoyed them in the novel, but the manhua....So overall i think it could have really be an excellent manhua, it had great potential and maybe if i had not read the novel, i would enjoy it more then now.But for now, i am deeply disappointed.Therfore just 3/10


First of all, what's up with the low rated reviews? If I could give this a higher rating then 10, I would, hands down. Let me start by saying that I have read the entire novel, which is completed, so this review isn't just counting a single part but the entire thing. It starts and you think "ok, mc got isekaid into a game world and becomes a npc, nothing unusual". And oh boy would you be wrong. To this day, I have never seen another novel or manga that plays on a game world like this one. On many isekaid into game world, that world becomes real, and aside from the status window, we lose the sense that its a game. But not here. Let's start by one of the highlights. The players. Usually in game worlds, the npcs don't notice or give a crap when a player dies and revives, or does crazy stuff, but here it's like the npcs are geniune people. They notice the players and are like wtf???. The players actually get knidnapped and tested on by npcs, the npcs start figuring out how telling them to do stuff and rewarding them works. It's like geniunely putting poeple into a real world. The players are part of that world, and in the future they will change that world. And our mc knows that. He knows how they think, so while acting like a npc he manipulates them. It genuinely feels more liek a game then any other. Our mc. Mf is crazy, I tell you. Dude spends 6 months pretending to be brainwashed, enduring gruesome torture, planning an escape and then goes on a murder spree to get his freedom. This guy went from a scrawny tortured rat lab to literally the strongest and most influential person on the universe. And I don't say that as an euphemism, this manga/novel has literally hundreds of planets, civilazitions and star systems. Best part is, it's not a traning montage where he endures a hardship, trains and then boom he strong. No, he uses his skills and his knowldge (will talk about that later) to gradually become stronger, and you can see how he does that because you accompany the whole process. Dude doesn't just use his own strength, he uses the other npcs, the quests, the players, anything he can. In most mangas like these, the mc has knowldge of what will happen, right? But we rarely see them use that knowldge in a smart way. This dude, I kid you not, uses his knowldge to formulate plans that will only take place, and I kid you not, more than 100 years later. The plot. The plot ir richer than bloody bill gates. You never get bored. Once you finish the maga, the cmopleted novel is right there for you. I kid you not, I read those 1463 chapters without break. They bring back things from the beginning and draw a conclusion that actually makes sense, a conclusion that had been building up for all 100 something yeras that pass in the story. In the end, when you realize why he was isekaids into the game world, I swear that explanation has never been used before and it was bloody brilliant.  The way the novel ended was just a crap ton of satisfaction and just made be so happy. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

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