The Legendary Beasts Animal Hospital

Ch: 61+
2020 - ?
4.218 out of 5 from 23 votes
Rank #4,843
The Legendary Beasts Animal Hospital

Ahyoung is the director of a down-on-its-luck animal hospital. Pragmatic, blunt, and single, this 30-year-old veterinarian is determined to succeed! But she is barely able to make ends meet... that is until a mythical creature makes its way to her hospital. With the help of her talking cat, her softie werewolf assistant, and her chipper dragon friend, she is committed to treating all fantastical beasts that make their way to her door. It can’t be that hard… right?

Source: Tapas

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Note: no hint of romance here, as of chapter 28, and perhaps I'd prefer it stays that way. I love the strong and funny FL. She's a competent vet who does everything in her power to treat her patients. I love her determination, genuine care, and love for capitalism lol. The story doesn't make her strongness in your face, actually. She's written like a shounen protagonist, where things just happen and she deals with it to the best she can. The character relationships are so funny and wholesome too. I love all the characters that appear. The dragons, "cat", werewolf, fox, employee, rabbit, etc. have natural relationships with the protagonist. They talk like friends would, and I really love that dynamic. A lot of stories just give us an occupation and make that a side plot in favour of romance or something else as the main plot. This is different. I could really get a sense of what FL does in her everyday vet life and the author's love for animals. The story really involves the vet aspect, and that's something I like to see. There are chapters that make me cry and chapters that make me laugh so hard. It's a well-written and well-paced story. It keeps my attention at all times. I really enjoy the fantasy aspect as well. Great illustrations! Love its colours. Give it a try. First chapter already made me laugh my head off, metaphorically. It is such a rare treat to find a fantasy story with a female protagonist, with romance not being the center of the story!!! Please recommend me some similar stories, if you know of some.

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