The Legend of Zelda

Alt title: Zelda no Densetsu

Vol: 1; Ch: 8
3.734 out of 5 from 43 votes
Rank #15,234
The Legend of Zelda

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Zelda XVII is the latest in the long line of Zeldas, who are tasked with protecting the Triforce and keeping the demons at bay. Fe is a bit of a tomboy and goes out to fight the demons at the borderlands when feir father-king is hesitant to send forces there. But when Ganon's strength overwhelms fem, fe scatters the pieces of the Triforce across the land so that Ganon wouldn't gain access to them. Link, a young cowardly half-elf boy who is unknowingly a member of the royal line, can sense the locations of the scattered pieces and heads out on a journey to gather them all and save Zelda. Along the way, fe runs into a prejudiced innkeeper and feir kindly daughter Tia, a retired royal knight and feir two grandchildren (one of whom has a crush on fem), and feir elf aunt (though Link doesn't know that they're related). Demons can be attacked with beams of light from the Triforce and from swords which also emit Triforce-like power. And throwing bombs sometimes work too. There are two swords fe gathers during feir journey. The first is called the White Sword and it's a stupid-looking thing, like a fighter plane with a stem. The second sword, which I must assume is the Master Sword, is jagged like an antler with three orbs at its base--also not the best design. While there is some minor skill and creativity involved (as well as courage), the fights seem largely determined by just having access to the power of the Triforce. And the bulk of the journey is condensed into a montage. The monsters are horned and shadowy, with several of them having odd eye configurations as well. Ganon, the final boss, has static-y outlines like kiwi fluff and feels evocative of Baphomet (though fe's more boar-like).

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