The Law of Ueki

Alt title: Ueki no Housoko

Vol: 16; Ch: 154
2001 - 2004
3.905 out of 5 from 338 votes
Rank #4,425
The Law of Ueki

There's an adage that one man's trash is another man's treasure; but for Kosuke Ueki, one man's trash is another man's... tree?! Junior high school teacher Mr. K is in the running for the title of Celestial King. Candidates must select a junior high school student to endow powers upon, and then the students might fight each other mercilessly. The victorious student's benefactor will become the new Celestial King! Kosuke was Mr. K's choice, and for his power, he chose the ability to turn trash into trees. Furthermore, if he uses his abilities to harm others, he will lose one of his natural talents. Now, Kosuke must battle a variety of other power users to help Mr. K win it all, all while keeping his talents intact!

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cassiesheepgirl's avatar
cassiesheepgirl Nov 22, 2010
Score 5.9/10

Story: Anyone who has read my review of Law of Ueki anime will know that I love this series and have been sucked into its wacky world twice already now. So when I felt like drifting off into a world of magically-enhanced teenagers and madcap battles for a third time, reading the manga seemed like the natural next step of my Ueki voyage. Kousuke Ueki is a perfectly normal middle school student who, like... read more

ReiTsubomi's avatar
ReiTsubomi Oct 24, 2010
Score 8/10

HOLD IT! Stop right there. Yes, you. I'm going to be blunt with you, Law of Ueki is not for ANYONE who is not REALLY into Shounen. Even if you're a casual shounen fan you more than likely won't see that much in Law of Ueki. Now on the other hand... if you love Shounen and all of its cliches like I do, page after page will be flying across your finger tips. Law of Ueki is very similar to another series close to... read more

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