The Last Zombie

Ch: 26
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The Last Zombie

Dajeong has lived with Dr. Lee Sehyeon for as long as he can remember, but his memories are muddled and don't go back very far. All he knows for certain is that the doctor must give him an injection every day, his diet can only consist of raw meat, and he is forbidden from venturing outdoors. He is, in fact, the last surviving zombie from an outbreak that humanity managed to contain a decade ago, and was the product of an experiment that Dr. Lee managed to rescue him from before he could be disposed of. The doctor knows that he can't keep Dajeong hidden forever, just as he knows that Dajeong's questions about why he is "sick" will one day need to be answered. He slowly begins introducing Dajeong to the outside world, but things become more complicated when his undead patient begins to fall in love with him.

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