The Lady’s Facade was Ruined (Novel)

Ch: 62
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The Lady’s Facade was Ruined (Novel)

Shen Wanying, 17 years old, was the famous young lady from the first private school in City A. Born in a reputable family, she had the best of the best performances and a gentle personality to boot. Wherever she went, she looked elegant and beautiful, a goddess in the hearts of all the students in the school. She was the class flower, the grade flower, and the school flower. Until one day… comes a boy named Huo Cheng who knew all her little secrets. He knew that she loathed studying and secretly drinks alcohol; he knew she loved to shake her feet when eating instant noodles! Shen Wanying: “She is in trouble” Huo Cheng died on November 11th. When he awoke, he went back to the year he was seventeen. All seemed strange and familiar and all he could remember was that his beloved wife, Shen Wanying, killed him...

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