The Lady’s Dark Secret (Novel)

Alt title: Gongjakgaui Heukmak Young-Ae-nim (Novel)

Ch: 249
2020 - 2021
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The Lady’s Dark Secret (Novel)

Estelle was the illegitimate child of the Duke who grew up under severe mistreatment. She tried to love the people around her all her life, but she was betrayed and sacrificed to the devil. Thus, she suffered in hell for 600 years. And then, one day…. "Do you want revenge?" "If you wish, I will send you back to when you were at your brightest moment." The devil’s whisper came. And, Estelle, who took the devil’s hand, returned back from hell. A lady of the greatest family of the Empire. The Young Lady of Garnet will bring cruel ruins to all those who betrayed her.

Source: NU

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