The Lady I Served Became a Master

Alt title: Mosideon Agassiga Doryeonnimi Doeeobeoryeotda

Ch: 119
2020 - 2023
3.865 out of 5 from 1,252 votes
Rank #8,699
The Lady I Served Became a Master

When Sua wakes up inside the world of her favorite novel as the character of Blair, she is determined to help the female protagonist, Chloe, get through the darkest period of her life. For years, Chloe has had to endure discrimination and abuse for being an illegitimate child. Blair becomes her maid and confidante, and the two form a special friendship. But Chloe turns out to be quite a different character than the one described in the book. She wields black magic, sends Blair to fetch her mysterious potions, and seems totally uninterested in any of the male lead candidates. Then one day, a handsome man who looks an awful lot like Chloe shows up at Blair’s doorstep. Could it be…the lady she used to serve?!

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When I looked up reviews for this manhwa, a good 80% of them were extremely negative. A lot of people complained about the FL's stupidity and many of these reviews said they dropped it. I'm glad I didn't listen to them LOL.  Storyline: This story is extremely refreshing. It follows a similar flow to the typical isekai story, but there's a little bit of gender-bending that made the story extremely enjoyable. I haven't read a story with a similar premise so it was new to me and I enjoyed every little bit of it.  Characters (minor spoilers):  Blair Thorpe (FL): Extremely hilarious. It's rare that the female lead plays such an active role as the comedic relief but she fills this role like 90% of the time. I really like how she was written. She says whats on her mind and is the type of heroine who doesn't restrain herself to fit in with the social norms as a noble. If she's thinking something she says it right then and there and that rarely happens in manhwa. Homegirl knows exactly what she wants and is pretty head strong. I was definitely not expecting me to love her so much but alas, she's now one of my favorite isekai FL, haha. She's not perfect and has her faults but none of which I found to be too terrible (but I know other people would beg to differ).   The main complaint that people have is the fact that Blair is "stupid" and "extremely slow" because it took her "a while" to recognize ML's feelings. However, I never thought that the pacing of the romance was anything that extreme. If you look at it through the perspective of Blair herself, her reactions, timing, and understanding of everything was completely justified. I think people are used to fast-paced romance stories where ML and FL are match made in heaven and boom things fall nicely into place extremely quickly. However, I'd like to emphasize the point that this type of quick progression romance definitely would not have been appropriate for Blair. Especially because her attachment to the ML began when he appeared to be a girl. I mean think about it, you isekai into a story understanding that the person your dealing with is the FL. The story you read portrays this girl as the clear heroine who has male suitors waiting for her. If this is your understanding of the story, the last thing you'll expect is for this girl to be a boy. So one day this girl appears at your front steps as a boy. The boy as this point likes you but all this time you're attachments to this person were platonic because it was so heavily engrained into your mind that this is the FL with potential male suitors. It would have been extremely unnatural and awkward if she got over this quickly and started seeing the ML romantically right away. Also the ML wasn't really clear cut with his advances either, so all the miscommunication was justified because of both of their mindsets.  TLDR: This story is indeed a romance story with miscommunication that I can see a lot of people would become frustrated with. However, as a reader, if it had ended up in a way where there wasn't any miscommunication and Blair fell for ML super fast, I would've been extremely disappointed because it's simply not realistic. I feel like this hurdle was absolutely necessary with the way the story was set up. The romance pacing did take a while but it wasn't the type of pacing where I wanted to bash my head in the wall because to me the pacing made sense (however, I know a lot of people did want to bash their head in a wall so to each their own I guess). Therefore, if you want a no-trouble romance story where ML and FL immediately fall in love and blah blah this may not be your cup of tea as it does take time to get to this point. However, when it does get to this point, because of our FL's personality, their romance doesn't go through any other stupid senseless hurdles in regards to miscommunciation (as of ch 84).  Chloe/Claude (ML): Adorable, and extremely teasable/lowkey tsundere. Falls for the FL first and remains strong in his conviction to pursue the FL (although he has trouble with direct confrontation bc he's a shy boy which inevitably fuels the miscommunication frustrations early on in their budding romance :') )  Art: Really pretty art. The characters are all gorgeous and I love the way the artist draws the clothes. Remains consistent throughout season one and two. I stopped at ch 84 so I can't speak for what's to come.  Overall would I recommend? Absolutely. This was such an entertaining piece and I love the personality of the female lead. However, people have their strong opinions about her. Regardless, I would definitely recommend you give it a shot before letting the reviews scare you. The first season is an absolute charm and I think most can agree. It's in season two where the romance actually begins that people got frustrated. If what I said was enough to make your blood pressure rise in irritation then don't read, but if you think you can get past it then please read because the art is delicious and the storyline is interesting :). 

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