The Lady and Her Butler

Alt title: Agassiwa Ureongchonggak

Ch: 143
2017 - 2020
4.13 out of 5 from 1,600 votes
Rank #1,523
The Lady and Her Butler

The last thing Sooha wants in her life is a man. She’s sick of her mother calling about boyfriend problems, of friends trying to set her up on dates, of girls waiting for their Prince Charming. But when a broke and homeless man offers to housekeep in exchange for temporary housing, Sooha finds herself saying yes to a man for the first time in her life. After all, who wouldn’t want to come home to warm homemade dinners, clean sheets, and freshly ironed clothes?

Source: Lezhin

Includes 20 side story chapters.

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This review contains spoilers!!  I really liked the first half of this manhwa. The characters all had their own personalities and backstory, the main couple had great interactions and even the second couple had an interesting dinamic between them. The art is really pretty too, despite lacking some background sometimes. But when we got to the second half of the story, instead of exploring the problems each character had in a realistic way, we got a series of misunderstandings and lack of communication recycled over and over.. Spoilers now! I'll start with the second couple. We were presented with the past between soojung and taesoo, which made us dislike Soojung. But with Mr. Hwang, it kinda only starts going wrong when she lies about being moon crystal the second time. And from then on, it's just a series of bad decisions on Soojung's part which only contribute to fuel the reader's dislike towards her. She never talks things out with Hwang, not about her past, not about her fear when she lies to him the first time (which would have been totally forgivable at first). It's like she's a character created without the intention of ever having a happy ending. It would have been way more interesting if they were to talk things out at first and see how they would evolve if Hwang helped her with her past instead of the author driving her to insanity just because. Regarding the main couple, I really don't know... I really really loved them but from chapter 90 till chapter 120 it's just a pain. I mean, after all they went through, the autor just straight up changes Taesoo's personality. I know it's trying to portray his feelings of insecurity regarding Sooha and their future together but it's just so badly executed that it hurts. At least it's a happy ending... And rip Garam and his story I guess... To summarize, I think it's worth reading. I was really invested in the characters, which was what got me through the later chapters. Don't bother with the side stories though... I really mean it!

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