The Knight and Her Emperor

Alt title: Hwangjewa Yeogisa

Ch: 89+
2019 - ?
4.439 out of 5 from 645 votes
Rank #538
The Knight and Her Emperor

The talented but overlooked knight Pollyanna comes face to face with an ambitious king who finally acknowledges her worth. "I like hard workers, because I am one," Luxos II declares, as he shares his dream of unifying the continent. Moved by his vision Pollyanna vows to fight in his honor, and together the two set out to build a grand empire. But what happens when the young king slowly realizes, battle after battle, that this stalwart knight has conquered his heart?

Source: TappyToon

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all these manga constantly go on about these petite female knights with long hair who are just so goddamn delicate so their male lead can save them. not this one, holy crap. Pauliana acts just like she's been raised; a soldier.  Pauliana's family enlists her in the war in hopes that she will die and their second daughter will be the heiress of the household. tons of people look down upon and criticize her for being a woman, ignoring the fact that she is a fully competent soldier purely for her gender, and while it pisses her off, it just makes her work harder. Finally she is captured by the opposing army and the emperor orders her beheaded but his soldiers try to rape her. She fights back and he invites her to his army.  It's not an easy fix all story where the emperor immediately takes interest in her, she has to work to ass off to be recognized by anyone, but eventually people begin to see past her gender.  Pauliana's honestly just the coolest, she takes badass to the next level and i can't even begin on how ripped she is. She's not like Adonis or The Abandoned Empress where they make the lead able to fight but also super femine and pampered. she's increditably loyal and doesn't give a flying fuck what others think of her. She's super good in a pinch, good at strategy, and cares about her following soldiers. there is romance but it's a slow burn. but because of that everyone has a real chance of becoming close in a way that seems believable.  listen, just read it. 


This Story is heavily Character driven and the plot is slightly secondary, so this is something to keep in mind. That beeing said: The characters are truly enjoyable and have a realistic wackiness. What I as well truly loved about this story is the uniqueness of the Main Character and her perfectly odd character. She doesn't fit in a romance stroy at all and it's beautiful. She doesn't back down but still know her place and to skills most of the time. The side characters have a great deal of personality without appearing unorganic or artifical.  The antagonists are not especially important and in the second part of the story there are not even any real antagonists, but rather people in different positions trying to make their best of their situation, even if it means somone else will have to suffer, but they do not seem to be outright malicous, which might take away some tension, but also gives the story a certain realism. I also really enjoy the art, it's polished and easy to read. The Main Charater isn't unnecessarily and unnaturaly beautified and the characters have something distinc, but nothing outright wierd (the only unnatural part is their hair colour, but on a personal note I don't mind that, for it allows for greater variety, without making them look particularly odd). All in all: This can be enjoyed by not all typical romance readers, since it doesn't soly and sometimes even only secondary focus on the romnace. Those who like romantic comedy though should definitely give it a try, as well as those who like chracter driven stories. Another warning: If you enjoy romantic relationships itself, then you won't find your happiness here. Also for those who like hardcore romance and characters swooning for one another will be dissapointed greatly.   

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