The King of Debris

Alt title: Gareki no Ou

Vol: 2
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The King of Debris

When Tera--a "witch" flying on a robot broomstick--is chased by evil humans and robots she accidentally crash-lands into an old mechanic's home. Unfortunately in their pursuit of Tera, her enemies mortally wound the old mechanic, which sets off his android robot "grandson," Citro, and his human granddaughter (and mechanical wiz) Corona. Citro gets very angry and fights both the evil humans and robots. When Tera's secret device--the reason she was being chased in the first place--falls into Citro's hands, the android threatens to smash it for what Tera's enemies have done his grandfather. This threat activates the device, which implants itself into Citro's body, giving him extra strength and a lot more destructive force. Will Citro's anger lead him to use his newfound powers for good...or for evil?

Source: CMX

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