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The Keystone Romantic Combination
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Mar 6, 2020

As a lifelong athlete and sports fan, I was eager to read a sports BL story. Much like "Yuri!!! On Ice", this comic brings together great sports storytelling coupled with an organic, yet classic, shonen-ai feel. While I am a huge fan of the "yaoi" genre, this particular story finds a way to keep in PG-13 in regards to censorship, but still keep a mature/adult feel (these characters, like me, are in their late 20's after all!) I also love the comedic tones paced throughout as well as the realistic and relatable sports nuances. From what I've read so far, this is going to pan out to be a great love story. Definitely give it a read!

Side bar: even if you aren't a huge baseball/sports fan, the author does a great job explaining terminology and what's going on in the game.

9/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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May 19, 2020

This is the best and cutest bl couple ever!! Ugh! I love them sooo much can't wait to read the next chapter 😘😘😘💋 i love how both characters are confidant strong but in the same time they need each other...they balance each no one overpowering other they are equals so it so fun to read and feel natural  ❤💋 This is the only manga i can't help but re read again again i'm soooo addicted to this its so good every tine i read!! Shit i want moreee so badly!! Why they are so perfect ?? I can't the most favorite bl couple ever!! Omg soo good!! 

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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