The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Alt title: Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

Vol: 11; Ch: 90
2010 - 2018
4.173 out of 5 from 623 votes
Rank #1,057
The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Thanks to his parents’ job transfer, Usa has to live on his own. The problem is, his new place is full of weird people, and the upperclassman he admires is one of them…? A teenage romance comedy that’s heavier on the humor, not so much on the romance!

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Story: The story is nothing new it's similar to other romance's guy see's girl guy falls in love at first sight guy is moving into new residency and by coincidence girl is also living there in this case the guy(Usa) and the girl(Ritsu) along with the other residents (Mayumi) (Shirosaki) (Sayaka) and (Sumiko) this gave me a gave me a similar feel to the manga (suzuka) but in this case it's more calm and innocent and i love how there's just about no drama and for once i can just read a nice calm Romance with a decent amount of Comedy. Art: The art is nothing much it's about the standard needed for a manga to look good maybe a little above the standard i like the design for most of the characters my favorite has to be (Ritsu) i think the best is when they do a cute close up of her. Characters I want to say the charcters are good but sometimes there just bland and repetitive and there is just a lack in character progression but this is only at first as there's some progression later on and it helps you get a better feel for the characters so that you can actually come to like and enjoy their personalities. overall: In the end i would recomend this to people who want a light hearted Romance,Comedy i've already read through it twice and would do it again this is also the first manga that i ever picked up. The ending felt weird but it also said it's only a temporary end so i'm ecspecting a continuation manga to start sometime in the future to finish the story. Because the last couple of chapters don't feel like an ending more like a clif hanger but that being said i rather enjoyed this manga. it has some bad parts but the good parts outshine them. this is my first manga review so it's not the best but i hope it helps you decide whether or not you will read it.

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