The Italian Playboy's Proposition

Alt title: Nazomeita Propose

Vol: 1
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The Italian Playboy's Proposition

Ellie, an orphan, becomes a live-in nanny and maid for Mac, a millionaire who owns an international hotel chain. Her luxurious room in his castle-like estate was something she expected, but plenty of mysteries abound. His wife isn’t around, he keeps the children on a rigorously strict schedule, and he doesn’t allow them outside. But then, Ellie was raised in an orphanage, so she really has no idea what a normal life is supposed to look like. Like someone drawing open the curtains in a neglected room, her innately cheerful nature brings new light into Mac’s house. Maybe that’s why one day the formerly arrogant Mac suddenly pulls Ellie in for a sweet kiss!

Source: Harlequin

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