The Impregnable Demon King’s Castle and the Expelled Black Mage of the Hero’s Party

Alt titles: Nankoufuraku no Maoujou e Youkoso: Debuff wa Fuyou to Yuusha Party wo Oidasareta Kuro Madoushi, Maougun no Saikou Kanbu ni Mukaerareru, Welcome to the Impregnable Demon King Castle ~The Black Mage Who Got Kicked out of the Hero Party Due to His Unnecessary Debuffs Gets Welcomed by the Top Brass of the Demon King's Army~

Vol: 8+; Ch: 40+
2020 - ?
3.803 out of 5 from 390 votes
Rank #11,838
The Impregnable Demon King’s Castle and the Expelled Black Mage of the Hero’s Party

In the present era, adventurers, demons, heroes, and demon lord, are no longer occupations that put one's lives at stake. With the world at peace, it is an era where conquering dungeons has been transformed into entertainment. Adventurers and monsters are able to fight with a substitute body made of magic, popularizing dungeon conquests with no deaths. Having lost his job, the “Black Mage” Remme struggled with finding another party until one day a beautiful woman appeared before him telling she had a job for him.

Source: Comikey

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Long review from long ago, now my opinion has changed. Story: 2/10|Word building? Rather horrible. It immediately makes the other characters look like pieces of shit and oh look he's actually predictable as hell. I've read the recent new chapters and I've concluded that I have a good idea of what the ending is going to be. There isn't much to say about the story except it could be better except it's a rotten dumpster fire because somebody threw a match into a dumpster filled with sewage combined with oil. Smell's like shit and hurts when you touch it. Art: 6/10|The art isn't Horrendous. Could be better but it is acceptable for what I've mostly seen. Characters: 1/10| The main moment. The main character is the dense guy who's sweet and kind and is overpowered while also trying to keep his abilities a secret. He meets this little beast girl who is meant to make the main character look heroic and make everything cute because he saved the day every time. The party that he got kicked from has characters that are predictable and typical because they all act like pieces of shit except for his actual friend who regrets his actions and then they get karma and realized they fucked up. Not to forget the MC's bitch who like interested in him but is never going to have sex with him and is just there for sexual tension and fan service but will likely be some all-powerful demi-god or will release the MC's ultimate power when she gets hurt. Overall: 9/10|So far not so good. I'd give a 1 but this compared to other stuff I've read is arguably better than most. I liked this before because I did like seeing "haha u fucked up, get karma loser" But the character didn't do anything with his powers much and he feels useless and boring to even look at. So are the characters. It is so bland predictable and dumb. But to be honest, this reminds me of those slice of life, slow life tagged manga where the writers likely work in iPhone factories pissing in jars and sleeping in cramped spaces in japan and uses those type of manga or a manga like this to alleviate stress because they wish their life wasn't as depressing as it is. So... It's trash but understandably trash. 2 stars

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