The Imperious Young Lord

Alt title: Gapjilhaneun Yeongjunim

Ch: 53+
2022 - ?
3.619 out of 5 from 434 votes
Rank #20,988
The Imperious Young Lord

The year is 203X, and Earth is under attack. The enemy? Extraterrestrials. Park Hyunsung, a militia commander, valiantly lays down his life to take down the enemy base. One moment, he’s caught up in a malfunctioning teleportation device; the next… he’s in the body of Ian Alberon, a 15-year-old lord! Thrown into a world of monsters and magic, Hyunsung — now Ian — must figure out how to navigate his new surroundings. And to top it all off, it seems his enemies may be much closer than he thinks…

Source: Tapas

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It's not very good. It's not bad enough that I stopped reading the 20 chapter mass release, but it felt like it got worse and had more problems with every passing chapter. The type of story I'll read weekly and probably drop within the next 5-10 chapters if I had to guess. The absolute worst part of this story are the characters. The author also commits a cardinal sin of isekai/reincarnation. He takes a seemingly functional and badass adult in chapter 1, most likely in his 30s-40s, and when he reincarnates his personality turns into a whiney, wimpy, useless 8 year old in a 15 year olds body. For every good adult decision he makes, he seems to make 2 or 3 very very child like decisions. The story is nothing new, very cliched and you've seen this setting done before and probably better. His reincarnated power is pretty cool, but the only reason we saw his first life was to shoehorn it in and it creates plotholes. Meaning, he got his power from how he got isekaied. The art is ok. Could be between a little below average to just above average depending on your taste. It won't wow you, but you won't think eww when you look at it. Perfectly serviceable. The characters are just god awful. The MC goes from being a full grown ass man hardened in battle for a decade to a lazy waste of space who doesn't want to train the sword cause he's a lord now. His logic being that he is a lord so he will have other people protect him. Despite being told by the ghost that his chief guard, and the strongest swordsman in the land was the one who assassinated his father, and that the previous two lords were also assassinated. Don't understand where he gets the confidence that he will be safe after being told that but whatever. Despite retaining his memories from his first life, he seemingly loses all his combat experience and ability to lead troops despite being a captain of a militray unit in his past life, for no reason. He behaves more like a random normal person that gets reincarnated than a former soldier. The entire point of his first life being shown is to gain his power and we are supposed to ignore everything else shown for these inconsistencies to not appear super obvious to anyone reading. He is also a massive simp for the doctor's daughter. For no good reason.  The ghost, does nothing but complain. She was a former captain of the emperor's guard, yet also behaves like a sh*tty teenager. She has no honor or dignity despite her former position. She also suggests he abandons his soldiers to save himself, how knight like. She talks to him while he fights. Not with advice or tips, but just to complain and talk about nothing and distract the MC. Which the MC engages with and stops what he's doing, gets slashed and than complains to her that she's distracting him. How in god's name did someone that easily distracted survive ten years of combat elludes me. Also the MC is regularly having a conversation with the air because no one else can see the ghost, why does no one address this? I personally loved when she tells him to run as the new enemy that appeared and is heading towards him is too strong for any of them. So, he stands there and says explain what that enemy is. They than have a casual conversation until the enemy is ontop of them and he panics. Beautiful. The financier is almost commically greedy. He makes absolute stupid decisions and regularly talks back to the MC, who is his boss, because of his greed and doesn't realize how thats problematic. He struggles to even play along with the MC to keep his cover to keep robbing him. He also doesn't get killed when comfronted, which was stupid. The doctor and his daughter are, seemingly, the only not awful characters. But than they make a random decision to look for medical treasures in an unexplored dungeon a commoner found. Yep, a doctor, a commoner, and a random woman thought it would be safe to explore a dungeon...with no combat members. Phew that's stupid. Shockingly it goes badly and they are trapped for the MC to not only go play hero to save the woman he simps for, but he also magically learns the equivalent of aura in this story, force, despite never seeing it in this world or even knowing it exists to our knowledge. Then through the power of being on his last leg and seeing the girl he loves he manifests it. Oh my how very plot armor of you.


So the summary of this is something like-In the year 202X, the Otherworlders invaded Earth. The otherworlders have more sophisticated technology and hunted down humans with combat robots and viral weapons, and the remaining humans battled on for 10 years just to survive. The main character, ‘Park Sung Hyun’, was the leader of the troops in Incheon, Bupyeong. Prior to the invasion of the Otherworlders, he used to be a part-timer at a convenience store like an ordinary person, but he became a strong warrior in the process of losing his family and battling to avenge them. In the midst of the attack against the Otherworlders’ headquarters, Park Hyun Sung got trapped in a warp portal with the leader. When he woke up, he found himself in a fantasy world that reminded him of the medieval times in Europe, and his soul was trapped inside a weak blonde 15-year-old pretty boy’s body. Hyun Sung was surprised by the unfamiliar surroundings and his weak body and found out that he is occupying the body of Ian Albarren, and that his father is the lord of a land who owes a large debt to the great lord and faces a difficult time ruling over his land. Park Hyun Sung, who had been fighting against combat robots and viral weaponry from the Otherworlders who had advanced scientific technology, decides to get used to this fantasy world to fight against monsters with armor and swords.The plot is good and art is like "trash of count's family" and it has a good plot direction for future potential

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