The Imperial Guard’s Revenge (Novel)

Alt title: Jinya Sha (Novel)

Ch: 140
2021 - 2022
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The Imperial Guard’s Revenge (Novel)

Wang Yanqing’s father died in battle. She was adopted as an orphan by the Marquis of Zhenyuan. She loved Fu Tingzhou for ten years and would go through fire and water for him. However, this woman carried a family history full of scars, and ultimately, Fu Tingzhou sought another woman to marry. Ten years of effort turned out to be a joke. Fu Tingzhou accompanied his fiancé to buy incense outside the city, completely forgetting that it was Wang Yanqing’s birthday. On the road, they encountered an ambush and Fu Tingzhou became busy protecting his fiancée. While defending Fu Tingzhou, Wang Yanqing lost her footing and fell into a cliff.

Source: NU

Includes 3 extra chapters.

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