The Horizon

Vol: 3; Ch: 21
4.639 out of 5 from 996 votes
Rank #38
The Horizon

Two children unexpectedly meet in the midst of war. After running away from the chaos, they come across a long empty road. With no adults to rely on, the two strangers, now become friends, walk alongside each other to see what's at the end of the road. All they hope is to keep being able to move forward. Just what kind of trials and tragedy awaits them during their journey for survival?

Source: Spottoon

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The road is a metaphor for life--or, more specifically, for the meaning of life. The meaning of life is both an undercurrent and an explicitly discussed topic within this story. Those who continue to move forward on the road represent those who still have hope and who see life as inherently worth living, while those who stop by the side of the road represent those who have given in to despair and see everything as futile. It's not quite as black and white as that, but that's the basic vibe. They bring up the idea that since the Earth is round, it's theoretically possible to keep walking forward forever (to maintain a "meaningful" life), but also bring up the idea that all roads end (and we must eventually face the meaninglessness of our actions). I appreciated the actual stories they included, but I didn't much care for the heavy-handed way they tried to coax mood swings out of the readers or the attempts at wrapping everything up at the end. We get four short storylines: the animalistic man (ch. 2-5), the man in the suit (ch. 6-9), the girl's experiences (ch. 11-15), and the grandpa (ch. 18-21). I think I enjoyed the first two storylines the most, though the other two aren't bad. None of the characters are ever named. There's great panel layouts. They experiment with various things--some of which work, some of which don't. Some beauty. Some grit. Some sketchy, scraggly images. Some overly darkened pictures--makes it difficult to make things out. Some zoomed-out shots where the characters are just little specks in the corner. The round eyes are a bit too simplistic to justify all the close-up shots of them, though it'd probably be corny even if they were more detailed. I don't care for the way they portray the memories, especially those arrays of tiny images.

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