The Heiress's Double Life (Novel)

Ch: 166
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The Heiress's Double Life (Novel)

A master of disguise, master of escape. The genius swindler ‘Viper’, a death rower who turned over the empire, was approached by the tyrant of the battlefield, Grand Duke Hessen, one day. “Hey, you’re gonna have to help me out. I’m going to try to go against the Emperor.” The Imperial Shame, Mad Dog of the North, Tyrant of the Battlefield. When even his brain is made of muscles, what can possibly be done? “You must find a way to make me emperor. Otherwise, it’s death.” Caught by her eagerness to survive, it all relies on the likelihood of succeeding this extreme survival mission! “Do you hear that? My heart is beating like a crazy bastard when I’m with you. It’s a poisonous side effect, isn’t it?” Rexid’s hand on her back shook. I felt his fist clench. “In case you misunderstand, I don’t mean to want to grope you.” 

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