The Healer Demands Payment! (Novel)

Ch: 165+
2019 - ?
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The Healer Demands Payment! (Novel)

In the past, there was a small cannon fodder who wholeheartedly dedicated herself to the medicinal path. Only after dying once did she learn that even if she was brilliant, she could only be an insignificant side character used to emphasize the female lead’s limelight. Any relationship with the male lead and other supporting male characters would bring her bad luck. She tirelessly gave medical treatment to the male lead and successfully got rid of his poison. But when he woke up after a brief rest, the female lead became the male lead’s saviour and she was the despicable villain that poisoned him. So after her rebirth, she began to firmly adhere to the principle of ‘pay me first, then I’ll cure you’...

Source: NU

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