The Handsome Stupid Scum Screwed Me Again, Today

Alt title: Shadiao Zha Gong Jintian You Zhale Wo

Ch: 12+
2021 - ?
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The Handsome Stupid Scum Screwed Me Again, Today

Qiu Yanzhi was a jaded university student who came across a popular virtual reality dating simulator. One capture target in particular, He Zhou, caught his eye immediately. But why was this guy such an as*hole for no reason?? Game devs, WTF were you thinking??? But for some reason Qiu Yanzhi stuck around. He found that He Zhou wasn’t so bad after all. Qiu Yanzhi had fun in game, basking in the warmth and affection missing from his real life. That was, until he couldn’t log out anymore. Trapped inside the game, Qiu Yanzhi saw only one way out: seducing the capture target to complete the main storyline. And if that meant he had to pretend, to lie, to scheme and deceive? He would do it. After all… This was just a game, right?

Source: NU

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