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Alt title: Nae Saengae Choegoui Neukdae

The Greatest Wolf of My Life
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May 18, 2019

Spoiler Warning

The story is about Han Eunbyul, or "Malsook", and it seems to take a romantic turn, a bit later after Kang Bin's misinterpretation.

Eunbyul is out with a good friend and is confronted by Junghoon, who is actually the "Seoul Shorty".

The story takes much more dramatic turns as emotions and backgrounds unfold, and it makes me want to read even more.

Some of the outcomes continue to surprise me!

I was especially astonished at Han Eunbyul confronting Junghoon about their relatioship. Yes! It finally happened! They Were dating!  I was taken aback by Her breaking uup with him, but there are reasons. Can't spoil too much, but I was so sad! Oh well, Kang Bin x Han Eunbyul it is.


This is focusing on the Story, art, and characters.


The story is great! It really shows some good memories...But I feel longing for even more. I mean, small flashbacks don't cut it for me. I'm referring to Eunbyul and Junghokn. We've certainly had plenty of Kang Bin love flashbacks. I'd also like to understand more about Han Eunbyul's family. Otherwise I loved it! 


As an artist myself, I personally love the art style and almost certaintcertainly wish it was mine! The lips! I mean, how? It's just beautiful.


Again, refer back to my story review. The characters are fun, interesting and relatable, but I long for more development.


I honestly just love this Lezhin webtoon. Quite relatable!


9/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Aug 27, 2019

my heart aches beautifully...

This is that kind of story you would feel invested in it. Makes your mood turns into rollercoaster thinking about each character fate. At first I thought it'll be another cute modern romance kind of story. But as the chapter goes I find myself worrying how everything will turns out. Will I feel happy if certain characters get what they want or will i feel relieved if certain characters move on. Later on i feel pity to their circumstances. Lot of mixed feelings. I have never feel this way in a long time with a comic. 

Although I feel this comic a little bit 'too odd to be relatable' here and there, somehow it can set your mind to a bigger picture of how real life problem/matters works. As mentioned in the comic, One Man's Loss is Another Man's Gain. It is what it is. Such an endless reality loop.

Perhaps because all this time we've only truly know our own point of view, reading this comic will make us (or at last me) think about people around us been through for ourselves. Gosh i'm being over dramatic.

Well i'm not crying reading this but it surely shakes my heart (good job creator-nim!) . other reviewer already gives out everything needed to explain on how good this comic is. I'll just deliver my experience without spoiling.'s happy ending. Oops i better run now. 

9/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall