The Greatest Magicmaster's Retirement Plan

Alt title: Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku

Vol: 2; Ch: 13
2017 - 2019
3.584 out of 5 from 388 votes
Rank #12,441
The Greatest Magicmaster's Retirement Plan

In a world where the Fiends run rampant... Magicmaster Alus Reigin, the young prodigy that has defeated more Fiends and reclaimed more of humanity’s lost territory than anyone else alive, requests retirement from military service at age 16. But due to the twists and turns of fate surrounding his status as the No. 1 Magicmaster in the nation—the top Magicmaster out of more than 100,000—he ends up as a student at a special magical institute, hiding his identity and training his successors – a pair of beautiful Magicmaster girls! Not to mention continuing to defeat Fiends in secret..

Source: J-Novel Club

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This manga got cancelled. So the question we need to ask ourselves is "Did it deserve to be cancelled?"  Was it distinct from other manga? No, not particularly. The setting of a fantasy world besieged by demons is very popular, which also means that it's very common. Even having an overly powerful main character who trains female protegees while attending a magic academy is a storyline I've run into several times. Though the stories I'm thinking of have the main character just starting out on feir journey, while this story has Alusu trying to wind down from the apex of feir career. Fe is 16 years old and has spent the contract period of ten years working for the army and wants to retire (yes, this means fe joined the army when fe was six), but is pushed to attend the academy instead. Fe was the #1 magician and the army doesn't want to completely lose fem as an asset, so they hope that fe will build connections at the academy and find something fe thinks is worth fighting for. Now that I think about it, I can't think of other manga off the top of my head that use a ranking system similarly to this manga. The art doesn't stand out. I'll give it a B- or C+ for Being Distinct. Did it have momentum? Only in the most generic sense. The cut-off point was after the conclusion of a storyline and the only "loose end" was Fia's desire to get stronger and learn as much as fe can from Alusu. But honestly, if the last few panels were reworded just slightly, it wouldn't have felt awkward in the slightest for the story to end where it does. I'll give it an F for Momentum.

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