The Greatest Estate Developer (Novel)

Alt titles: The World's Best Engineer (Novel), Yeokdaegeum Yeongji Seolgyesa (Novel)

Ch: 408
2019 - 2020
4.282 out of 5 from 57 votes
Rank #427
The Greatest Estate Developer (Novel)

Suho Kim, a broke college student struggling to make ends meet, is desperate to turn his life around by earning a degree in civil engineering. But going from rags to riches will be easier said than done―especially after Suho suddenly wakes up inside the fantasy novel he had been reading every night as Lloyd Frontera, one of the worst side characters. Lloyd is a lazy, hot-headed drunkard whose family is on the brink of ruin due to an enormous amount of debt. Lloyd may not be the most reliable guy, but Suho isn't ready to give up so easily―he refuses to live in poverty again. Luckily for the Frontera family, Suho has somethign up his sleeve that may end their financial woes: his studies in civil engineering! With the heart of an entrepreneur and the brain of an engineer, can Suho finally build a better life for himself?

Source: Yonder

Includes 8 extra chapters.

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