The Great Wish

Alt title: Widaehan Sowon

Ch: 86+
2019 - ?
3.893 out of 5 from 429 votes
Rank #7,789
The Great Wish

Unrivaled looks, extraordinary skills, a clear path to the throne—Sienna Argent has it all. And now she’s even seeing visions of her future! Everything is set for her as the Silver King and soon-to-be emperor... So why has she suddenly grown wary of those around her? The mother she’s always seen as her ally, the half-royal half-brother she’s constantly shunned, and a man shrouded in mystery, all seem to play a hand in the course of her future. Is Sienna destined for a less than happy ending?

Source: Tapas

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The Great Wish is about a princess that lived all her life trained to become empress, by getting rid of her facial expressions, learning about everything she needs in order to become the empress that brings peace like her father. But.. life is neither all black nor all white and she learns it starting from a dream that "could" be from the future. First, she's happy about her dream but after the other ones, she starts doubting her kingdom, her relationships, her truth. She doesn't break through, and learns what she didn't know, recreates good relationships, and accepts the change of the future all for her dream of becoming an empress that will bring peace everywhere. I'm quite proud of her, when she learns that not everything about her was peaceful and good, she started wanting to learn more about the real world and reality. I admit she was slow to find correlations between different things at the start (since this was new for her) but as she knows more, she doesn't disappoint us at all and understands more quickly the meaning between events. She's quick-witted without any doubt. There is also the romance that is entertaining (a little too fast I think but no big deal) and that creates interesting scenes. Some dreams can prove she's done a different choice when others seem to contradict and make her doubt her actions. I don't know why but I want to put 10 in the drawing because it's really good despite it not being the best I've seen (and maybe I don't want to put 8-9 because of the fact that I was literally drawn into the Webtoon?) P.S: She makes me think of Adonis in Reminiscence Adonis because of the lack of emotions despite the fact that they are completely different and we can't really compare them.

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